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Bring the taste of Crete back home with my Cretan recipes

Missing Crete? I know the feeling. That’s why I’ve created this blog!
I want to help you find, learn how to recreate prepare the most delicious Cretan recipes at home. AndI’m sure that those unique flavors that you’ve tasted on the island will help you fight the travel blues.

I have gathered, tested, and cooked for you some of the most fantastic Cretan recipes, I’ve worked with an experienced Greek chef to help you find the right missing ingredient that won’t be easy to get far from Crete in order to cook the most similar version to those dishes that you simply can’t forget.

In this space, you’ll find both very popular and a few very rare dishes from the island, no matter whether you decide to cook them or not, they’ll certainly bring a bit of Crete right to where you are!

Feeling uninspired? Cook some Fast Cretan Food

I get you, I totally do. Neither you or me are professional cooks. Neither you or me are always in the mood to wear our apron and get our hands in the kitchen. However, we still want to eat something tasty… right? I got you covered.

In this space I will post a few fast and easy Cretan recipes that will save the day. And some quick snacks, sandwiches, and other fast-to-cook delicacies made with ingredients from the Cretan Diet. This way, you can be certain that you will be having exactly those Cretan flavors that you love without too much work, effort, nor needing to clean the kitchen after!


Go through a selection of super easy and lightning-fast recipes
for those nights where you’d like to be anywhere…
Except for the kitchen!


Crete & Cretan diet

There are many reasons to fall in love with Crete. But none so significant and universal as the Cretan Diet. No matter your taste and preferences, the local cuisine will fascinate you with its unique characteristics. The Cretan Diet is healthy, seasonal and fresh, quite simple and genuine and… exactly for all of those reasons: delicious. Although not always easy to make, either for lack of time or for lack of ingredients, this blog will certainly help you find the best way to eat Cretan at home.

If you’ve been to Crete, you know it already, amazing beaches, stunning landscapes, hospitable people… and the food. Yes, the food is one more highlight of the island. So why not keep reading to get a taste of Crete? 


In this section, you will find some of the most traditional recipes from Greece…
Those that you really crave and miss!


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Learn where to eat in Crete or find unique foodie corners on the island and beyond!

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