Cretan recipes

Cretan Recipes for the soul…

Welcome to the most important section of this blog, the place where you can enjoy the tasty memories of your trips to Crete and discover what Cretan dish you can cook tonight!

Check down all the categories to find some of the most traditional Cretan recipes you can easily make at home. We will also tell how the best way to find alternative ingredients when you are unable to buy them where you live.

What Cretan Recipes you will find here…

Cretan recipes

My Cretan recipes are divided into different sections, we start with our beloved dips and mezedes, that we enjoy eating at the beginning of every meal or even during the day as a simple and healthy snack, as well as a huge collection of Cretan pies and other baked goodies.

There is also a good selection of main dishes that will certainly bring back memories from Crete, from traditional goat and lamb to lesser known dishes, including pork, chicken, rabbit, and fish. And of course, greens could not be missing. The island, with its immense variety of wild greens and vegetable is often described as a paradise for vegetarians. From the delicious varieties of xorta, to stuffed vegetables, and tasty salads, you can find a lot of ideas to cook vegetables the Cretan way.

You might not be very familiar with soups and stews because they are typically eaten in winter, a period when the island does not see so many tourists around visiting traditional restaurants and tavernas, however, they are delicious, flavorful, and ideal for those cold Cretan winters (because yes, we do have winter too!).

Check also delicious cakes and sweets, with local honey, syrup, soft cheese, raisins, nuts, and more… and in more modern takes of Cretan sweets, you might sometimes even find chocolate! There is a section devoted to our wines and spirits, such as tsikoudia, and some tips to find the perfect Cretan wine to pair with your Cretan food.

Last, but never least, a section with a variety of traditional Greek recipes, the ones you have learned to taste and love whenever you visit the country. We do eat them in Crete too, and we love them as much as you do! Are you ready to start cooking your favorite Cretan recipe? So wait no more, let us begin!


On the island, we simply love to start a meal with a collection of small dishes bearing fresh, seasonal Cretan ingredients. They can be hot or cold, and are perfect to share with friends.


Bread goes with almost every meal, but a great traditionally made Cretan loaf can be eaten on its own and still be perfect… And when it comes to pies, Cretans love them, either sweet or savory.


The island has one of the oldest traditions when it comes to food, making it a very interesting variation of the Mediterranean cuisine that you already know.


Thousands of wild greens and vegetables grow in Crete. They are great to be combined in salads, seasoned with olive oil, and served as a side dish or on their own.


Soups and stews are a big part in Crete cuisine, they feature vegetables, meat, fish, and plenty of legumes, mixing in the pot to create a flavorful dish. 


In this category you can find plenty of recipes of syrup-soaked, sweet cheese filled, spoon desserts, and delicious pastries.


Greece is famous all around the world with those recipes that everyone should taste at least once in their lives, and trust me, once won’t be enough. 


Crete is known for its many drinks and spirits that locals proudly produce. From relaxing tea to coffee, wines for everyone’s taste, and stronger alcoholic drinks.