My Cretan Recipe is the perfect spot online to fight nostalgia after your trip to Crete.

Our mission is to help you cook the same delicious dishes you have tried on the island, or do our best to provide the best solution to at least recreate those unforgettable flavors.

Behind the pen, but also the pots and pans is Gabi, a Crete based journalist and travel writer that has fallen in love with the Cretan Diet.

She has spent the last 8 years helping travelers design their dreamy itinerary on Crete through the pages of her Crete travel blog, The Tiny Book.

Pressing the camera shutter and helping with the translation and preparation of old recipes is Tolis, a local foodie, passionate about Cretan traditions, forgotten cooking methods, and authentic local food.

Together, and through My Cretan Recipe, they bring the best of Crete gastronomy and some of the most famous Greek cuisine for you not to miss Crete that much while waiting to return!

Welcome to our Cretan kitchen, and Καλή όρεξη!