Delicious Greek Salad Dressing

Greek Salad Dressing

Have you ever tried this delicious Greek salad dressing that is not just good for Greek salad? There are hundred of Greek salad dressings around, but most of them include Dijon mustard. Not this one! This is a more original salad dressing recipe with fresh local ingredients, no sauces included. Take a look!

Where to Use the Greek Salad Dressing

Greek salad dressing

Greek salad dressing is, of course, a perfect seasoning to use on Xoriatiki or Greek salad, that goes without saying. However, it is also a great addition to Cretan Salad and Cretan Dako Salad.

This Greek salad dressing is also fantastic to soften your paximadia (or barley rusks) before preparing these yummy Cretan dakos. And of course, it can be delicious on any salad you make, on top of boiled wild greens or spinach, and simply to season rustic bread that has been toasted in the oven.

The Original Recipe

Keep it in a nice bottle and make a statement on your table!

Greek cuisine is not twisted, sophisticated, or complicated. It s made with fresh and simple ingredients, more often than not, seasonal, and does not usually rely on foreign flavors. In Greece, local ingredients rule.

This is particularly true when it comes to the most simple Greek recipes, like a salad dressing! So, forget everything about Dijon mustard, and even onion powder. There is nothing fresh, seasonal, or Greek in any of those.

Stick to vinegar, lemon, garlic, oregano… and yes, the king of our ingredients, Cretan Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The result will be a genuine salad dressing that will last even longer than it would if it contained mustard.

Variations for Greek Salad Dressing

As we anticipated, there are a few ways to make this dressing different, these are the most popular ones.

Greeks Salad Dressing with Dijon Mustard

Dijon Mustard
Dijon is in Northeastern France, not in Greece!

So yes, the most common variation is the one made with Dijon mustard. It’s not really bad, and can add an extra pop of acidity that goes well with certain foods.

For instance, this dressing pairs super well with a piece of toasted bread (Cretan paximadia, if possible), topped with boiled stamnagathi, or any other green, such as spinach or blytha, and a poached egg on top. This makes an excellent breakfast, snack, or even brunch.

Greek Salad Dressing with Greek Yogurt

Who doesn’t love some big, fat, Greek yogurt?!

Probably my favorite non-original recipe because it manages to keep the most authentic Greek essence in it.

Since Greek yogurt can have quite a bland taste, and is not as pungent as mustard, it might be the best alternative if you are looking to add consistency and texture to the dressing without really changing the taste of your ingredients.

Greek Salad Dressing with Onion Powder

Onion powder.

One more interesting alternative, to add an extra touch of flavor to your salad. This is a good condiment (really handy in every kitchen), especially good when you are using this dressing to season any salad… that is not a Greek salad!

Remember that one of the main ingredients in Greek salad are those big chinks of onion, that add pinch of sharp to your salad. Remember when adding onion powder to your dressing, And in any case, don’t over do it. Keep it to one teaspoon, max.

Greek Salad Dressing with Chilli Flakes

Chilli? Yes, please!

If you are a fan of spicy tastes, then you must have a jar with chilli flakes in your kitchen. Use it!

If you’re trying to recreate authentic Cretan flavors, keep in mind that Cretan cuisine uses tons of different spices for flavor, but Cretan food is not really hot.

Apart from a few recipes, which are arguably of Greek origin rather than Cretan, the food on the island is not as spicy as you might expect after all those years of Turkish domination…

Greek Salad Dressing Recipe

Delicious Greek Salad Dressing

Delicious Greek Salad Dressing

This Greek Salad Dressing is an original life-saver whenever you want to add some magic to any salad!

Prep Time 5 minutes


  • 1 cup of Extra Virgin olive oil
  • 3 tbsp. of red wine vinegar
  • ½ tbsp. of fresh lemon juice
  • 2 of finely chopped garlic cloves
  • ½ tsp. of dried basil
  • 1 tsp. of dry oregano
  • salt & pepper


    1. Place all ingredients in a clean sealed jar that you can close hermetically.
    2. Shake well.
    3. Keep refrigerated for up to one to two weeks.


  • You can used from 1 ½ to 2 tbsp. per salad, depending on how much dressing you like in it.
  • If you like a creamier texture, you can add 2tbs. of grated feta or 2 tbsp. of yogurt.

Things to Remember

  • The original recipe is good for two weeks, Much less if you add mustard or yogurt to it.
  • Once used, keep the rest of the dressing in a closed jar in the fridge and remember to shake it well before every use.

What’s your favorite salad dressing? Let me know in the comments!

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